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Offering support and help on the healing journey for children, young adults, adults and families affected by attachment, trauma, and dissociation.

About NM Trauma Recovery

NM Trauma Recovery has been developed based on 20+ year’s experience working with children and adults impacted by adverse childhood experiences. The service offers several training packages designed to help develop and embed a clear understanding and empathic responses for individuals and organisations working with or caring for trauma survivors. The overall aim is that we can help to develop services that are trauma informed and help individuals to implement reactions and responses from an empathic stance facilitating a sense of safety and healing, preventing further traumatisation or confirming damaging beliefs.

We also offer 1-1 therapeutic interventions for adults impacted by early life trauma that is still intruding on their present day functioning.

About Me

I am a therapeutic counsellor with 19 years experience of working with children and adults who are impacted by trauma. I also have over 53 years experience of life within the care system, as a child, a carer and a therapist. I am the founder of NM Trauma Recovery, and between 2015-2020 was director of SCS Training and Therapy Ltd, a therapeutic service which undertook specialist assessments and therapy, working with children and families impacted by disrupted attachments, trauma and dissociation.

I spent my early childhood between home and foster placements from the age of 2 until being permanently placed at the age of 7 years. This experience alongside my professional experience, has enabled me to develop an understanding of the trials and frustrations of the child trying to fit into a world they don’t understand, the carer / parent whose attempts to offer support and nurturing are so often rejected and the professional trying to provide the specific interventions needed to support the child and those in caring and supporting roles.

I have worked with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties since 1999 and have also worked as a residential care officer, private foster carer, family support worker and therapist. I have also developed and delivered training nationally and internationally, specialising in Attachment, Trauma and Dissociation, and Inner Child Healing providing support and training to families, agencies and schools.


“Nancy’s passion for helping people affected by trauma and equipping professionals to work within this field by sharing her knowledge, expertise and skills, is both infectious and inspiring. Learning about trauma can be quite heavy, but scientific knowledge and real life emotive examples, were delivered in a way which meant that there was also some light hearted fun along the way. Thanks so much for this in-depth training, and resources that I could take away and use straight away with my clients. ” -K. Rackshaw - Owner Calm Space Counselling

“Nancy is a fantastic trainer, applying theory to practise throughout perfectly illustrated with case study examples. Lots of nuggets to take away and implement straight away into my own work with clients.” -V Mckeown - VLM Therapy

“Just completed this fantastic training. something that I always thought would not be useful to me and that wouldn't need - yet it had been amazing and so helpful. made to feel welcome and the content was amazing.” -Adoptive Dad

“The honesty, caring, understanding and helping us all to make sense of all the issues discussed. Thank you for fantastic training. ” -Adoptive Mum

“The single most useful and relevant piece of CPD training that I have received in my career! 5 stars!” -Teacher July 2018 (Great Expectations)

“Thank you for a fantastic Attachment Matters course. It was a well balanced mix of theory and practical techniques, but with a big emphasis on the latter. As a mum struggling to manage the behaviour of my adopted son, the course has made a real difference and I now have loads of techniques to help him. I feel far more positive about the future and able to cope.” -Adoptive Mum

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Attachment Matters course I've just attended. It was informative and helpful. The delivery was excellent and I took away a lot of useful strategies to implement. Thank you!” -Adoptive Mum

“Hugely helpful in understanding my son’s journey and how I can help. I feel much more equipped and confident in parenting following this course.” -Parent

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